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feature film

dir. Miguel Velez

SYNOPSIS: On Christmas day, Nicolas, a sad flyer distributor steals the job of a train conductor to win a woman's heart, instead he wins a conductor’s nightmare, an emergency stop in the

middle of nowhere with a train full of passengers. The only person who can fix the problem is the real conductor, but he is unconscious and severely injured. To save the man’s life Nicolas

must do the job he stole except he doesn’t know how. His only hope is a lonely crewmember named Edyta and from their collaboration a lovely and invigorating bond flourishes, and since

neither of them is trying to win each other’s heart, that’s exactly what happens. Yet everything falls apart when Nicolas’s true identity is revealed. Time is pressing; a man’s dying and the

passengers want to be home for supper. But it’s Christmas, and an unexpected gift is about to be given.

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