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feature film

dir. Krzysztof Krauze, Joanna Kos - Krauze

SYNOPSIS: A picture of the psychological consequences of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 that changes into an engaging tale – which is faull of drama, but alsohopeful – about the

meaning of life and an existence marked by trauma. Claudine Mugambira (Eliane Umuhire), of Tutsi descent, is a daughter of a renowned Rwandan ornithologist. After the massacre, in

which Claudine’s father gets killed, Anna Keller (Jowita Budnik) – a Polish ornithologist who has researched the vultures in Rwanda alongside Claudine’s father for years –helps her escape to

Poland. Anna, herself a witness to the violence, is deeplyaffected by it; even now, after her return to Poland, it echoes in her memories. The brutality she has experienced makes her unable

to accept the slow and peaceful flow of existence and people’s indifference towards the eventsin Rwanda.

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